Stems, Handlebars and Spacers

I always seem to get pain in between my shoulder blades and particularly my right shoulder/neck. I chalked it up to poor posture and continued to work on proper form and core strength, but then I came across a Francis Cade video that featured Bike Fit James discussing handlebar choice and how to measure for proper bar length. I’ve been on 440mm for my entire gravel cycling “career” because that’s what came on my 58cm…

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Mountain Biking

2018 Specialized Rockhopper 29″

Sold After a few years of good use and a few mountain bike races I’ve decided to sell my 2018 Specialized Rockhopper. I have another 5 months of indoor trainer confinement due to certain medicines that thin blood. I had planned on upgrading my XC race bike over the holidays anyway, but I didn’t expect to sell the Rockhopper this soon. Alas, just out of record keeping and possible curiosity, here is how a bone…

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