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995.1 Miles on a Hambini Bottom Bracket

The day has finally come. I have hit 1000 miles on my Hambini Classic BB86 Bottom Bracket, well. 995.1 miles to be exact, but I simply could not be bothered to get back on the trainer and crank out 5 more miles.

The Hambini bottom bracket has done well so far. I have had no issues with it and my bike seems to be happy housing it. Here is a video of the “all telling spin test” after 995.1 miles. I also address some of the following comments made on the first video.

  • General Questions/Comments
    • Missed sarcasm opportunity
    • The great debate: Clamping carbon fiber top tubes.
    • I was not unhappy about the results in the first video.
    • Spin test may determine drag?
    • The spin had noticeably less drag than the original Shimano bottom bracket.
    • How many miles were on my old bottom bracket?
  • Bottom Bracket Questions/Comments
    • I bought the classic Hambini bottom bracket which does not include the low friction bearing
    • New bearings, new grease, more friction.
  • Bottom Bracket Shell Questions/Comments
    • Oval bottom bracket, non concentric. I didn’t measure it and flap wheel.
    • I didn’t put adhesive, fiber grip
  • Final Thoughts
    • Hindsight: tested the crank before with the BB out.
    • Reference back to initial thoughts of the Light Carbon LGC-010
    • 2000 miles on the light carbon bike, review or not? Mostly trainer rides and road.

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