DIY Indoor Trainer Rocker Plate

What is a Rocker Plate?

In essence, a Rocker Plate is a device which allows the trainer and bike to tilt from side to side, more accurately simulating the real life motion of riding a bike. Proponents say it increases comfort and makes long rides more forgiving on those sensitive parts of the anatomy that may be otherwise get a bit of a hard time.

That’s a quote I stole from Zwift Insider because I was feeling too lazy to explain it myself.

I do want to expand on this idea. The first rocker plates only tilted from side to side; however, my rocker plate design not only tilts from side to side, but it also moves fore and aft… or forwards and backwards. In theory this should attempt to replicate sprints or out of the saddle efforts.

I am not the creator, finder or even smart person who thought of this idea. I merely took all of features I liked in all of the other rockers I saw and created my own.

I offer the DXF plans and where to buy all of the materials for my rocker in this Google sheets document below; however, if you are not DIY inclined I do sell the rockers on my website Ride South.

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