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2018 Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 AKA Slimer

Buyers Remorse and Incessant Complaining I bought this 2018 Cannondale F-Si Carbon 5 the other day (October 2021) for $1,500 and immediately began regretting my decision. I initially offered $1,200, but the seller insisted that he had to get $1,500 out of the deal, so I caved on impulse decision and went and picked it up the same evening. I was under false impressions that it was a better model (carbon 2) due to the…

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2018 Specialized Rockhopper 29″

Sold After a few years of good use and a few mountain bike races I’ve decided to sell my 2018 Specialized Rockhopper. I have another 5 months of indoor trainer confinement due to certain medicines that thin blood. I had planned on upgrading my XC race bike over the holidays anyway, but I didn’t expect to sell the Rockhopper this soon. Alas, just out of record keeping and possible curiosity, here is how a bone…

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